Brilliant Ideas Of Food For Your Survival Journey

Food For Your Survival Journey

Hiking a mountain is all about being able to hike, enjoy nature in the time do not know how many days, but with the provision of a minimum-minimum. It is impossible, a hiker, mountain hiking while carrying a thick mattress, computers, and washing machines. Impossible. Would it hike any mountain boarding want to move?

Therefore, you should calculate to the most minimum list of stuff and foods you want to bring. It is expected, that does not mean that you behave recklessly with the nutritional value of the food. Any food brought, should be considered to have nutritional value. This is not a matter of ‘common to eat this’ or ‘usually eat it’ again. But, again, this is about nutrition and practicality.

The most common mistake made by the hiker is that they always bring food that has been familiar with their stomach like an instant noodle, rice with chicken or else that might be hard to cook it in the mountain. The most important thing when you are hiking is that you need to make simple food, but it can store energy and nutrition during your survival journey. You only need mineral, carbohydrate, vitamin, and protein.Thus, the tight bag that can be filled with innate and foods are weighted.What are the important foods to carry them?


Why bulbs? Why not just rice? Carbs are really important to gain energy, and it can boost the power when you are hiking. Is it wrong if it took tubers to hike the mountain? Oh, of course not. But if we talk about the practicality and nutritional value, then Tuber which should be promoted to be the foundation in the innate. You can bring potatoes, sweet potatoes or else that have high carbs to get your power in high condition. Also, you can also bring hot fries. Besides tastes better, the way to cook it is even easier. You only need to make a fire and roast. You can also bring some cassava stems and sweet potato, taro fried or use butter.


People who are fond of mountain hiking, especially those who are the first time, would prefer to bring instant noodles to be the foundation. It is also legitimate in fact. Just yes so, if you want a more practical and high nutritional value and strengthens energy during the trip, oatmeal was the one who recommended becoming the primary choice. Some people usually bring instant food a diet usually comes with instant noodle. Instant noodles will make you hungry again later. So from now on, you should, if you go up the mountain, turn brings oatmeal. Let more palatable, may also bring cereal and milk in a sachet. For grain weight, you can try the Trail Mix, which is a meal consisting of various types of nuts, cereals, raisins and dried fruit pieces.


Instead, avoid carrying the eggs while riding a mountain. Because the shape is large enough, it might even take place. Whatever if you only carry a small backpack. Also avoid carrying sardines or corned beef, because the garbage cans of sardines and corned often tear the trash bag when they are taken down. So it should be while riding in the mountains, bring sausages. Also, you can also try to bring dry protein such as anchovies beans and shredded. Good sausage, anchovies beans and shredded, all three considered more practical and lightweight.

A hot ginger drink

Okay, the title above actually discusses about the food. But there’s nothing wrong if here we also recommend the drinks that are important to carry. If you watch movies that tell a lot about mountain hiking, surely most players prefer to drink beer during the trip. Some people believe that alcohol or beer can warm the body, but the reality might be quite different. However, alcohol was not a good drink, especially to take hiking. Because of the side effects of alcohol which eliminates the user’s awareness could be disastrous on a trip. If you need a warm body, but the body remains healthy, bring ginger! Due to a mixture of ginger, lemon grass and various other herbal plants able to warm up with a healthier and more natural without harmful side effects.