Foods You Should Bring When You Are Hiking 

Loving nature can be many kinds of form and you can do anything to show your love to the nature and you can also do anything long as it is good for nature and people that love it. Everyone can do hiking, no matter what the age is and just passion, they also should think about other people that love them. To make sure that this can be done well, it is important to let your sister or family member to handle people that have high passion in hiking. There should be preparations that you may not like and the reasons why you consider buying a shirt is hard to do closing the end of the January. In a hiking, there is a lot of luggage to be carried. So we can not avoid, because in an ascent is synonymous with luggage quite a lot.

Hiking a mountain is the most enjoyable pastime, because direct contact with nature made us enjoy life. Terrain that is not easily conquered and also the heavy burden in your back made me more excited to explore the outdoors that we can not forecast its state. In addition to mental readiness, physical, mountain hiking adequate equipment, and logistics are good for hiking trip would not hurt if we are more selective in choosing the logistics in order to be maximal hiking trip. Good logistics while hiking is actually not much different when we consume everyday foods. At the time of mountain hiking, good health is something that must be kept. If physical prime, then the spirit of hiking be more increases to complete the hiking. Because logistics is a vital provision for mountaineers, then certainly there are also foods that can add excitement to an ascent.

Hiking Food Checklist

1. Rice

There are many benefits for our body because it consumes rice. Rice is a source of energy, it’s no wonder many of the world population consider that food is rice. The content of carbohydrates and calories in rice is a source of energy that is not replaceable.

2. Bread

The bread is also a food that must be taken for the hikers. Besides practically brought the bread nor so add a heavy burden on the bag to be taken. The high fiber in bread is also very good for the digestive system. Research shows that the bread can give you more energy, carbohydrates, calcium, protein, phosphorus, and iron compared with white rice. Read also: Tips to keep good stamina while hiking eating out

3. Instant Noodle

In addition to the simple and practical instant noodles are also a favorite food while enjoying the cool air hiking when you are being inside the tent. But better reduce eating instant noodles while hiking, because if the excess will have adverse effects on the body.

4. Chocolate

When will hiking chocolate contribute a role in encouraging missing due to tired after a pretty good field exhausting? The sweet taste of the chocolate can restore power lost predictably fast.

5. Fruits

Fresh fruit and beneficial for the body such as apples, pears, bananas, etc. can increase stamina and nutrients to the body. The fruit that I often take the time to hiking the mountain is bananas, according to a study of banana can add energy to the body. The fresh fruit also can be the source of immunity for you when you are hiking as it will need more vitamin C when it has been happening to ensure that everything is alright.

6. Nugget, Egg, Sausage

The right way to feel the same taste of delicious rice suitable partner for the side dishes are Nuggets, Eggs, Sausage, because these foods can easily we buy in supermarket without having to bother making a suitable side dishes to accompany rice when hiking to the mountain.

7. Sardines

Food containing a medium-sized fish in cans that we can easily find in many supermarkets. Food is also very suitable to accompany rice as side dishes.

Well, That is some important logistical, and often I bring when hiking a mountain. Buddy can add a logistics such snacks are also allowed, as long as it is healthy for the body. Actual smoothness factor in an ascent that could also be due to the logistics that we carry.