The Most Common Things That Every Hiker Usually Miss 

male hiking

There have been many missing things that people that are going to hike usually miss these products that can make their survival journey to be bothered by things that should not happen when everything has been clear. They usually bring the clothes and some foods. The most common things occur but when the adults don’t want to make a list, here are things that people usually use when there should be changed the Aqua.

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Hiking Checklist

  • Raincoat.

Raincoat is useful to ride a motorcycle. Raincoat is, of course, useful in times of rain arrived. Put the rain jacket in an easily accessible place, so when the rain comes, can be used directly on the spot.

  • Cutlery

Cutlery we must take if we want to cook on the mountain. Cutlery, among other dishes, cups, spoons, small knife, a small gas stove, nesting, and so forth. However, in case we do not need to cook the food on the mountain, these items also do not need to be taken for a hefty aggravate luggage. If you only bring food ready to eat like this, of course, would be redundant if we take the cutlery as was mentioned earlier.

  • Drugs

Medications should be taken while hiking. This is part of the emergency procedures (emergency) while hiking. These medicines include drugs wounds (plaster, alcohol, iodine), cold medicines, pain relievers, anti-allergy medication, multivitamins, eucalyptus oil, stomach medicine, drugs specifically to certain diseases, etc. , Drugs favorite climber is warmer drink like ginger water, eucalyptus oil, and pain killer. Some climbers suggest diarrhea medicine like to hold defecate while on the mountain. Defecated on the mountain was passable. Our mission is how these drugs are not used at all, which means it’s time we give thanks for good health and safety during

  • Flashlight / headlamp

Very handy flashlight and headlamp gives the lighting in a dark time. Headlamp of the phone is not strong enough to help light the way, so do not rely on the light from the flashlight phone. Bring real flashlight or headlamp instead of a flashlight phone. Bring spare batteries sufficiently. Personal experience night time hike (catch the sunrise, so it must climb night of camping locations), my friend ran out of batteries, so he had to rely on light another friend, and this of course is very uncomfortable because the light from the flashlight very limited.

  • Tissue dry & wet tissue

These wipes are useful for cleaning everything, from cleaning clothes, dishes, glassware; clean the body, to wipe, and so forth. According to my very wet wipes must be taken considering the wet wipes gives a fresh effect of washing the face, to dry bath, and to wipe after defecation. Also, these wet wipes contain antibacterial substances are useful for maintaining the cleanliness of our body from germs.

  • Battery backup

Battery backup is that we must bring a flashlight battery, GPS battery (if it has), the camera battery, and so forth. Bring spare batteries in considerable amounts. In addition to ourselves, the backup battery can also be useful for colleagues in need. After all, the battery size is also small so bring in considerable numbers is not a problem. Just do not too much of course.

  • Plastic bags for trash and dirty clothes / wet.

A plastic bag of dirty clothes / wet very important that are not mixed with food, medicines, and clothes were clean. While plastic bins to accommodate the sins result, we produce garbage on the mountain. You may not predict that rain can come anytime but, it has been good for people that will bring raincoat before they are going to go.