Two Essentials Things You Cannot Leave Behind While Hiking

Bringing goods while hiking the mountain was indeed tricky. On the one hand, we want to carry items as possible, on the other hand, we are limited in the bag to accommodate these items. The actual amount of luggage depends on how long we’ll be in the mountains. Our mission is one: how to survive in the mountains to return home with the items we carry. That is the art of mountain hiking. It was also one of the things that make us hooked up the mountain. This article will only discuss the items that must be taken while hiking, for up to 2 days in a mountain area. There are some procedures which include procedures ascent logistics, equipment, supplies, travel, and emergency. (Read: mountain hiking tips for beginners). The goods should be taken when hiking a mountain that I have outlined of the procedure include:

Two Most Important Hiking Essentials

1. Bag Mountain / Carrier that has Minimum size 40 Liter

Why not just a backpack? It could be if you just one day trip up the mountain, reached the top for a while, then goes down again in a day. The problem is when we have to stay overnight / camping/camping on the mountain, we have to bring goods became much so that it is not enough just to rely on a backpack only. What about the suitcase? Let alone a suitcase. If the trail on the mountain made of porcelain does not matter carrying suitcases. Footpath in mountain can be quite steep. The more expensive price mountaineering bags, usually more durable and lightweight. We and friends used to compare between the carrier bag of the same size, but the price is different. Empty, bags, which are cheaper, weighing more excruciating shoulder when picked up. Of course once filled with the same amount of goods will have a different weight. Naturally, anyway, there is no way the price. Please just want to buy expensive or cheap, nobody forbids. Oh yes, do not forget to bring a bag cover bag to protect it from rain. Usually, have a package found in his bag.

2. Clothing.

Not to select clothes while hiking. If any, might experience severe hypothermia or body froze due to loss of body heat while on the mountain. Based on my experience, the clothes are taken should be divided into two:

  • Clothing to move and climb. Choose clothes that are not tight and absorb sweat.

  • Clothes to sleep. Choose clothes that are warm and can withstand the heat.

Why not at once a garment worn to both A? I think not. During the hike, our bodies sweat much remarkable. This is because the moisture in the mountains so high that the body easily once a sweat, despite the cool mountain air/cold. This sweating will unwittingly tuck into the clothing. During the day may not be felt in the body. At night, sweat still stored in these clothes will make the clothes cool. Instead of clothes to protect us from the cold weather, just the opposite happens. The sweaty clothes make the cold more cold! Therefore, prepare a warm dry clothes to wear during sleep. Besides of course a special outfit for this sleep better provide comfort than using dirty clothes and wet from earlier hiking activity to sleep.

List of clothes I carry when hiking is as follows (results suggest the climbers):

  • 2-piece Jacket: Jackets for sleep and jackets used when hiking a mountain. The jackets are suitable for use while in the mountains is a jacket with the criteria can withstand the cold, water, and wind (cold proof, waterproof, windproof).

  • T-shirt least two pieces: One piece to climb, one piece to sleep. Preferably used for sleeping shirt is a long-sleeved shirt.

  • Trousers 2 pieces: One piece pants are a little loose, so it becomes easier hike, one piece of wool pants warm to sleep. Many are advised to avoid jeans. I agree with this. The first time up the mountain, I use jeans. At that time, the Internet is still not as it is now so that my reckless hiking without enough information. What happened? Hike becomes difficult, foot injury, also nearly hypothermia as to not want away from the campfire. Any night chills could not sleep because of the cold.

  • Pants in a minimum of two pieces: To climb and to sleep.

  • Gloves 2 pairs: Remember yes, two pairs instead of two pieces, namely gloves for hiking and sleep.

  • Two pairs of socks: Socks comfortable to climb and warm socks to bed.

  • Skullcaps / Balaclava 2 pairs: During the hike, skullcaps/balaclava particularly useful to absorb sweat so do not bother to wipe the sweat on the head. The other skullcaps used to protect the head from the cold